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Watch the video
Follow the link above to watch a video presentation on the project.

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If you have additional thoughts about the Transit Development Plan, you can follow the link above to submit comments. You can also get in touch by phone or email with one of the project contacts.

Find us in-person
The project team is planning in-person engagement events this summer – watch this space for further announcements!


The MPO and RTS believe the public should be an integral part of the planning process. The public has the right to participate in transportation decisions that affect their community and ability to participate in civic life, including how they get to and from school, work, medical services, and more. The public has knowledge and insight into local problems that the TDP project team and elected decision-makers need to make informed decisions.

For the TDP, the goals for effective public engagement include:

  • Inform a diverse public about the TDP and how they can shape the future of transit in Rapid City
  • Collect input from a diverse public about the TDP, including transit users and non-users
  • Use public input to shape the project and enable informed decision-making

The project team endeavors to reach out to all communities – including racial and ethnic minorities, people with low incomes, newly-arrived immigrants, individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP), people with disabilities, and seniors – to understand their transit needs and potential opportunities for improvement.